Audiences across the country are laughing, cheering and begging for more from comedian LaVar Walker as he spouts his hilarious opinions about dealing with "haters," the differences between black and white strip clubs, and the frustrations that stem from six years of pharmacy school only to end up a glorified retail-checkout guy in a white lab coat. LaVar's attention to life's minute details, his spot-on impressions of rapper TI and fellow comedian Kevin Hart, and his outrageous facial expressions have brought his show from New York to Los Angeles, from Cleveland to Miami, and from his childhood home on the south side of Chicago to his new home in Atlanta. LaVar has tour with Rickey Smiley and Friends and hosted the Infamous Uptown Comedy Corner which featured such acts as Chris Rock, Kevin Hart, Charlie Murphy, Arie Spears, and Paul Mooney. In August 2012 LaVar won the Miller Lite national stand up championship. Since then, he has slayed audiences as the newest member of the "Shaq All Star Comedy Jam."

Shaq himself summed up LaVar's act with an 11 second YouTube video.

"LaVar is funnier than a mother," Shaq said, kissing his fingertips in salute. "You know what I'm talking about. Check him out."

The comedy successes did not always come easily for LaVar. He worked hard to perfect his craft and continues to hone his skills on the road and in clubs across Atlanta. In his early 20s, LaVar first tried his comedy act in front of the brick wall at some of the notorious black comedy clubs of Chicago's south side. It didn't go well.

"In black clubs, you don't hear the silence and nervous laughter that come from white audiences when a comedian tanks," LaVar said. "They're ruthless. They boo you right off the stage and don't stop until you're gone."

Discouraged, LaVar headed to New Orleans, where he spent six years at Xavier University culminating with a doctoral degree in pharmacy. From there, he moved to Atlanta for his first job. But after work as a pharmacist, and the mundane routine behind the counter, he was drawn to the many comedy clubs across Atlanta. Work as a retail pharmacist, it turns out, was rich with material for an act. He tried again to fulfill his dream of making a roomful of strangers laugh like hell. This time, LaVar nailed it. LaVar said his success stemmed from the realization that he should stop trying to imitate acts from established comedians. He finally understood that he could only make people laugh if they truly believed he was being himself.

As LaVar's comedy career takes off, he still works as a pharmacist during the days -- although he takes more time off for traveling comedy tours. The work remains a prime focus of his act as he describes oddball customers and the strange life behind the counter.

LaVar's comedic skills come naturally. As a child, he found he could get himself out of trouble with his parents and teachers through jokes, gags and funny faces.

“LaVar was always making us laugh in grade school…and we stayed in trouble because we could never keep our composure around him” said childhood friend Lazeric White. “Sometimes just looking at the silly faces he makes will cause you to burst into tears.”

Nowadays, LaVar’s comic act includes deep soul introspection and ordinary everyday life situations. He can keep it clean or he can get down and dirty. LaVar pokes fun at circumstances that we’ve all encountered. He has performed on Jamie Foxx’s Laffapalooza, Robert Townsend’s Partners in Crime, The Mo'Nique Show, Bounce TV's Uptown Comic and has traveled all over the United States making people laugh. He’s exploded on the scenes at community events, political functions, gospel extravaganzas, and even corporate affairs.

“Lavar is nice on the mic” says Comedian/Radio Show Host Rickey Smiley. “He’s just funny as hell!”

In addition to his stage act, LaVar is a master skit writer and on-camera personality. His impression of TI, with more than 1.6 million hits on YouTube has been rated "Best on the Web" and skits including "The Over Aggressive Bathroom Man" and "40-Ounce Genie" have won high praise from admiring fans.

Currently, LaVar is working on his first DVD. Look for its release soon.

What fans are saying:

LaVar Walker was the best!

Favorite moment: "Watching LaVar, my new crush!"

Posted: 11/17/2012,, review of the "Shaq All Star Comedy Jam"

by Anonymous
Wilbur Theater, Boston, Mass.

"I've been to quite a few comedy shows and was not really looking forward to this, but my friend begged me to go. I decided to go, and I'm so glad I did because the pharmacist, LaVar Walker, was hysterical!! I was so impressed by his performance that I started googling him to find out more info about him:) I thought he was only joking when he said he was a pharmacist but he really is!! No kidding, he was the best! I would highly recommend checking out the show to see him. You wont be disappointed! Plus, he's cute!!!!! He's definitely on his way up! He just made a new fan!!"